Thursday, June 02, 2016

Shit not to wear when you're over 30

I will be 40 in November. Today I ran across an article with a list of things women shouldn't wear over 30. I won't link you to it because fuck that blogger. I won't give you the list because it's dumb. Instead here's my take on it.

Suggestions for What Women Should Wear When They're Over 30

1. Clothes that make you happy. Unless you want clothes that reflect another emotion. That's cool too.

2. Clothes that are temperature/weather appropriate. Unless you're in the mood to not be comfortable. It can be an adventure in sensation.

3. Clothes that feel good. Unless you think those clothes are worth wearing despite comfort. I know I've found shoes that hurt like hell but were worth at least a few days of misery.

4. Clothes that don't get you kicked out of where you want to be. If you want to be somewhere and they don't allow what you want to wear? Make a choice and move forward in peace. Different strokes for different folks. I consider it like respecting the friend who doesn't want you to wear shoes in their house.

5. Clothes that cover your fun bits when you're in non-naked friendly public places. This is a suggestion based on the comfort of the general public and laws. I doubt you want to be arrested. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with nudity. But society has collectively agreed to keep certain parts covered. Agree or not this is where you choose to live. Like being naked? Join a naturalist community! Be naked at home. Find friends that are like, "Hey, you can be naked at my house!" 

6. Clothes and body products that don't harm you. Unless you want to, regardless of risk. It's your body and even if I don't agree I respect your decisions.

Summary, wear whatever the fuck you want. Be it giant bedazzled screen print unicorn shirts with hot pink booty shorts that match your hot pink hair, or clash with your bright green hair, or tube tops with overall shorts and sparkly kitten leggings, platform flip flops, and hoop earrings that rest on your shoulders. It's your world, yo.

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