Wednesday, March 04, 2015

good times.... good times

Too often I come to my blog to get out some pretty strong emotions.
Often of the negative kind.  You know, I'm really not that depressed of a person.  I've had my bouts, especially recently.  I got to a very dark place recently (shortly after the post when I said "clinical depression").  It took me a while to climb back out.  I've been feeling so much better recently.  I'm glad I got much better before I heard the news about Sarah.  It is really a blessing to start off at a better point than I was.  I just wish I had recovered with enough time to spend some time with her.

Her memorial is coming up in a couple days.  I really want to focus between now and then on good times.  There's one challenge here.  Oh, we had plenty of good times.  But even though we had a few special events a great deal of our hanging out was just casual fun.  It's hard to pinpoint just one funny, fun or fascinating time.  You know?  They all blend together.  One great, big ball of awesome.

How about the one Thanksgiving she invited me and a few other people to? I bought a gluten free pie crust and she made the pie.  Pumpkin.  She was pretty dang thoughtful that way.  And it was a full on yum-fest.  It was a great turkey day.

How about the time we went late night shopping and picked up weird foods?  I turned her on to slices of cheddar cheese with peanut butter and bread and butter pickles.  She was delightfully amazed.

How about the Fourth of July where we made s'mores and I used tortilla chips for mine (gluten free, remember?).  She even tried it and it was okay.

How about the Fourth of July before that where someone worked at a fireworks stand.  We couldn't even let off all of the fireworks!  Marsh had a blast.  So did the grown-ups.

How about bringing Marshie over with some floaties and Marsh and Julie hung out in the pool for hours?

How about her teaching me the little weave-y things?  Hard to explain.  It was one of those times she said, "You know, sometimes I buy you stuff from Walmart and just don't tell you where it's from."  HA! (she knew I don't dig on Walmart or their practices.. but how could you be mad when she put it like that?)

How about how EVERY time we went to Shari's she would engage the waiters/waitresses into long conversations?

How about how she tolerated me brow beating her for using Splenda ("Oh, Johanna.  My hippie friend").  Hey, I *tried* to not show it bugged me!  I cared about her health :P

How about her reading her gypsy cards for me?

How about me reading my Herbal Rider Waite deck for her?

How about her having sharing a table at the holiday bazaar at work?  Or when she had her own table beside mine just this last year?

How about long conversations on the phone despite the fact she didn't like talking on the phone?

How about all the times those conversations were interrupted by children or significant others?

How about how Aliyah (sp?) liked me, then hated me and it wasn't until my hair grew back we realized she hated my haircut.  Damned judgmental dog. (actually, she had been abused by an adolescent boy so, yeah.)

How about how Blanca was a spaz when I came over (in a lovey way)?

How about how much Karma loved her?

How about how much Lila loved her?

How about how much I loved her?

And I still do.

More to come, I'm sure.

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