Monday, September 30, 2013

What? I haven't updated?

There has been a lot going on as of late.

Brett and I are now doing very well.  We've been in the small Tacoma apartment for over a year now and constantly make jokes about how things have changed.  I often say "I got rid of my husband and got a boyfriend."  Brett will say the same in that he refers to his "first wife" as me in our former relationship.  It doesn't mean we don't have challenges.  But the shift in responsibility has changed and things are far more balanced.  There is something magical about changing a relationship from codependency to two people who love each other but in stead of needing one another, we simply desire to be together.

Marshall has been living with his dad for over a year now, too.  This is very difficult for me and right now, I'd rather not talk a whole lot about.  But I miss him so very much and wish he were here with me.  I have him every other weekend during the school year.

Brett and I are still TTC.  I'm working with a pretty cool OB/GYN who has been who has taken care of my cervix stuff.  I'm currently taking progesterone post ovulation.  I'm still ovulating according to temping and symptoms but my cycles are still weirdly long.  Last cycle I ovulated on CD43 and this cycle, CD39.  My cycle before those two was even worse. Looks to be getting better, perhaps?  Also seeing other good changes.  Crossing my fingers.

Work has been okay.  Brett is working a couple different jobs as a "floater".  He also recently became a volunteer firefighter.  He's actually going to be starting firefighter school in January (every Saturday for however long).  He is such a service type person.  He wants to be helping other people.  One of his jobs has been working as an EMT/Security Officer for Woodland Park Zoo.  He has had many fun stories to tell about work.  The animals, of course.  Celebrities that are there for concerts.  Cute kids he cares for when they take a spill.  I wish I could express what joy it gives me seeing my husband so happy.

Trying to gear up now for the holidays.  I'm supposed to be working the Holiday Bazaar at work so I need to start getting stuff ready!!!

I think that's good for now.  There are dishes in the kitchen that won't wash themselves and I have an online shift to work tonight.  Until next time, friends.

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