Monday, July 01, 2013


I'm going fishing for the first time in about 18-19 years.  I'm acutely aware of how little I know about fishing. I went fishing as a kid and young adult.  But when my dad passed away I stopped.  Not saying that's WHY I stopped.. but either way I did.  I'm now acutely aware of how my dad set up my pole for me for whatever type of fishing I wanted to do.  I just cast, reeled and stringed them.  My dad would clean them.  He would tell me which bait to use.  I discovered I liked bass fishing because it meant using spinnerbait or some other cool little jig and constantly casting and reeling.  Good for those of us with short attention spans.

But I'm about to take my 13 year old son fishing.  I want to share this with him.  Also, I want to get low-cost food and low-cost entertainment.  So far, all I've paid for has been my license.

Oh, but there is something else I'm a little anxious about.  I've researched the hell out of how to tie lures.  I've researched the easiest, most efficient way to clean a fish.  What am I having a hard time with?

Killing the fish.

I was a vegetarian for 4.5 years (vegan for 1 year).  Meat made me squeamish, especially chicken.  Then I started craving more and more protein.  I added eggs back.  Then diary.  I ended up eating beans, cheese, and sour cream.  Lived off of it.  Still felt I was missing something.  Then I started dreaming of meat. Eventually the guilt feelings went away.  I started eating meat again.  I now have a great appreciation for living things (both plant and animal) giving their lives for me to eat.

And I have great respect for those who kill their own food.  I think it's an awesome thing to be connected with what you eat, with what gives it life for us.  But I have to kill the fish.  I feel good about doing it instead of blindly eating animals without really grasping the enormity of it.  Connecting me with my food and being more self sufficient.

Okay, I need to get out the door to get fishing.  The kiddo is restless.  It helps I told him we can fish tomorrow night after work also. ;)

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