Monday, February 11, 2013

Forward Motion

I haven't updated in a while, have I?


Brett is finishing his week of school.  I doubt I will hear from him much.  He is up in the mountains doing this crazy wilderness EMT training.  He loves it.  Even the hard things he loves.  I'm ridiculously proud of him for taking a leap.  He cares about the job instead of what it will make him financially.  That is a very special type of difficult for him.  Security.  But he did it anyway.  He took a risk and he's doing very well.  Friday he graduates!

I am aware I haven't updated on my health in a while and people have started asking.  So here we go.

I finally got my first post-procedure pap.  All is clear.  I have to do another in 3 months but this one was especially significant.  My doctor said she whole heartedly gives us her blessing for trying once again to conceive.  So, in a nut shell, the baby maker is great and we're all a go to start our attempts at procreation once more.

So, do know, I'm aware with things so up in the air in life that maybe trying for a baby isn't the greatest thing.  Well, you know what?  Life happens all over the place.  I cannot hold my breath for perfect.  Things have been unstable, stable, unstable, stable, unstable... you get the picture.  I'm not getting any younger.  We've been trying on and off over the last decade and even though I can think of a million reasons I should give it up it is still a desire I can't even put to words.  We want more children.

So there it is.  Back to limiting caffeine, supplements, temping and just being conscious of our thoughts.

If if weren't to happen I can still say it's been an amazing journey.. but good lord, I hope it happens.

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