Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I have this small, furry best friend who has helped me through so very many hard times. She is funny and weird and smarter than I'd like.

I figured with the vacuuming earlier in the day and the constant running of the HEPA filter my bedroom should be ok to sleep in. I tried to sleep with a mask but it didn't work. I made sure I took my asthma medicine.

I tossed and turned all night. Awoke rather suddenly when I was having acute asthma symptoms. Asthma attack? Gasping, wheezy breaths, coughing, more gasping, tight chest. Ran into the living room with my pillow. Threw a sheet on the couch, changed my pillowcase and fetched a cat free blanket. Exhausted and still trying to control my breath I tried to rest.

Broken is my heart that twice I've had to shoo my Karma kitty away.  Now my chest hurts in another way. She has no understanding of what's going on. She has no idea why I won't let her snuggle me.

I'm so at a loss.

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