Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not that I'm bitter

Is the reason they charge so much for pathology because they pay someone like $200 an hour to suss out what is on the slide or just because you risk so much if you ignore it? Isn't that preying on those who may be ill?

Is there a reason my insurance doesn't want to cover it? Because 3 sets of of pathology reports is well over a grand. Makes me want to tell them to send me home with my tissue samples. I'll buy a microscope and a book to tell me what the eff I'm looking at.

What would happen if I just never got the physical? It may have gotten much worse but I wouldn't be afraid of going into a doctors office and having them tell me they couldn't help me anymore because of money. It makes me want to refuse any more tests and procedures because I'd rather dump that money into getting my husband's teeth fixed. Or get new tires on my car. Or to pay whatever other bills that have accumulated.

What DOES my insurance cover? Yearly visits just to find out something is wrong so you have to pay crazy amounts of money on further tests and procedures?

I'm really quite fed up with this all and sort of wished I'd never got that physical. I wish I'd never got insurance. Maybe the outcome would have sucked but I wouldn't be poisoning my body with the stress of money and wondering what the hell I'll have to do next.

That is all.

I need some chocolate.

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