Thursday, September 13, 2012

I write

I told a coworker last night that I write. I felt nervous about that. Even more nervous about leading him here.

I think about how much depressing stuff I've written about. How this is my outlet for a whole lot of inner turmoil. How I don't edit myself as much as I could.

Here are my gooey insides.

I've actually been wanting to write more, especially with some large life changes. But I haven't had time with moving and all. Even now I should be getting ready for an appointment but instead I'm laying in bed, playing with my phone.

I'm hoping to write more about my personal experiences but also about my newest geek devices and hippie stuff. I'm hoping I can sidestep depressing stuff and exude pithy entries.

I'll leave you on a depressing note but one I feel compelled to share based on my own experiences of losing 6 babies.

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