Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Year Ago

A year ago we said goodbye to a dear friend of mine, Tony Prather.  Some of you may remember the post I made about it.

Tony remains an inspiration in my life.  I still can close my eyes and remember his hugs.  I loved the smile he'd give me and feel lucky to have had him in my life.  I miss our talks about philosophy and those of Nadine's ass (of which, he frequently reminded me, he was a fan).  How could you NOT fall in love with Tony?   I loved his love of literature and his desire to seek out spirituality.  I loved our ways of really hitting on the truth and calling one another on our bullshit.  Real friends can do this in such way that you don't feel defensive, but instead feel loved.  Tony had this skill in spades.  He made me feel sexy while maintaining that Nadine was his goddess.  If you ever wanted to see true love you just needed to look in their eyes.

I'm still honored to have been the one that married Tony and Nadine.  It still blows me away that they asked me to perform the ceremony.  It has been a true gift to have been part of their put together family.  And there are no doubts that that's just what we were.  Family.

It's been a hard year for all who loved him.  Of course especially hard on Nadine.  I've seen the ups and the downs and often have seen the smile on her face trying to mask the hurt in her heart.  It's true that it is it takes courage to love what death can touch.  And for those of you who know Nae, you know she truly has such a courageous heart.  Remember, sweetheart, there is strength in vulnerability.  You have to be strong to be able to show that someone has touched the tender places of your soul.
I looked up to him.. literally

So again.  A year later.  How is it that the world keeps spinning in it's normal fashion?  Well, it does.  But today my world will pause for a moment while I look at a little bit of love in the artwork Tony gave me.  I will close my eyes and remember how he touched my life and the lives of others.  He was an amazing friend, a loving husband and a fabulous father.

Rest for now, we will see you in the blink of an eye.  'Til then I'll occasionally pick up some sort of Yoda memorabilia and think of you (I even have a Yoda hat now!).  You continue to inspire.  Your memory lives on, Tony.  You are loved.  You are missed. You're still my Yoda.

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katie shearer said...

JO I don't know if anyone has told you before or not but in my opinion I truely believe you should be a journalist!!! that was so insperational to read and makes me feel even better about the decision I made for celebrating the love and inspiration Tony gives/gave to each and everyone of us. I can still remember the day I sat at nae and his home in the summer before they left puyallup just tony and I for a while talking about god and the Episcopalian religion and how we both enjoyed it so much...I truely loved that man and still do he was the best brother that any older or younger sister could ever ask for. as I sit here thinking of the sorrow that I feel in my heart I am also feeling the eternal love that he so loved to share with all of us. and as for what you said about making you feel sexy he really did know how to make ALL women feel like they were the best damn looking thing on 2 legs didnt he? LOVE LOVE LOVE you brother and thnks jo for shareing this with us all.