Saturday, May 12, 2012

non specific bigness

It's not about any one person, or any one situation.  It's really pretty vague.. it's about me.. It's about me and my big feelings.  My ginormous feelings that won't fit in my chest.  I'm often worried that I will scare all my friends and family away with my bigness.

Sometimes it's tempting to withdraw or try to hide these big feelings.  Sometimes it's tempting to just try and run away.  But the love of life and the intensely good big parts (the lows have their consorts too), they keep me going.  They keep me wanting more.  So every day my Leo Moon puts me out there.  I show a little bit of my soul and I beg that it be cared for by those who view it.  It's sometimes ugly and mean.  But sometimes it's big and beautiful and the biggest love you'll ever experience.  Still amazed so many of my loved ones are hanging in there.  I'm grateful.  Thanks for loving all my parts.

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