Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love, me

Not until I had been wanted by someone else did I realize that getting that desire fulfilled didn't fix what was hurting.  I was longing to love, respect and cherish myself.

It's a whole new road, and one less traveled by most.  We, as a society, tend to seek love and attention from others to fill us up.  By all means, I absolutely cherish those in my life who have lifted me up and find value in me.  But it's not until you see your own value that we can break free of the illusion that we are anything other than whole.

Today I rise from my bed, the sunshine falling upon me, and I smile into the heavens.  Thank you, Divine for directing me towards this bliss.  I am whole.  The only thing standing in my way of happiness is my belief (sometimes enforced by others and their own insecurities) that I am anything other than I am.  I am great because I'm part of this world that is already perfect, we just need to stop convincing it otherwise... I need to stop convincing myself otherwise.

Thank you.

And a special thank you to my friends who have no problem setting me straight, calling me on my shit and loving me more when I don't have the strength to love myself.  Thank you for the reminders.

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