Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sorry for the depressing reading

I feel like I'm close to some major shifts.  However right now all I feel like doing is crying.  I feel OK with where I'm at because I feel, with this deep inner knowing that things are as they should be.  Everything is on the right path.  As Teresa would say, "Everything is in Divine order."  This path hasn't been a fun one, but I honor it.  Thanks, path, for being what I need.  Please, give me a little break in order to integrate and not feel so much hurt.  I just need a small reprieve.  Thanks again.  Sincerely.  I know this will make me more in-line with being fully integrated, between my body and spirit.  I know this will enable me to help others do the same.  But I just feel I need to say it.  It sucks.  It hurts. And I'll be even more grateful when it's over.

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