Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rose tincture. Great for issues of the heart.

Great, physically for your heart and all sorts of emotional stuff.  Like a rescue remedy of the plant family.  I love it.  I made my first batch and have passed out dropperfuls like candy.


Today I needed it.  I was late picking up Marshall from his first day of school.  What an AWESOME way to meet his teacher.  You know, after he just comes back from being homeschooled for 2 years.  Yeah, a move like that certainly commands some respect, eh?


I did nothing all day.  Just trying to avoid thinking about where he was, what he was doing and I how I feel like a failure now that I acknowledge that right now public school is the best thing for him.  And trying to rush to get ready for work put me in a frenzy and I was late picking up the boy.  I got there like 5 minutes late and they were inside and I was looking all over the playground and such looking for him (should have just went to the office).  Yep, his teacher greeted me.  She was really nice but I know I made a really awful first impression.


Then I had to just drop him off at the house and head to work.  I would have just had him walk on his own but I wanted to see him and at least for the 2 minute drive home ask how his first day went back was.  I sort of got to, but it felt lame and my heart started breaking.  He had a good day.  Everything went fine.  He’s grown up a lot in the last 2 years and I really hope it continues to be a mostly good experience (all experiences have challenges).


I cried the entire way to work.  I was sad I didn’t feel supported the way I wanted to.  I am sad that me working is financially smart for us right now.  I’m sad that we ran into so many challenges last year with my 2 losses and subsequent depression.  I know it could have been a better teacher.  By the end of the first year we were doing good and I had a lot of confidence.  Just lame..


WHEW!!!! Now that I got that out I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!  Now I can go about my decent day.  Right?  ;P


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