Sunday, May 29, 2011

eBook Readers

I kept my mouth shut about them as I knew I would have to experience one in order to pass judgement.  Then I won one.  Courtesy of @chooseomatic on Twitter I won a Kobo.  I LOVE it!  At the time I was reading Shelters of Stone by Jean M. Auel.  For those of you who have read it, it is not a small book.  Not the most purse friendly portable book.  Well, with the Kobo I can read the book wherever.  Even when reading in bed it's better.  Less tired arms ;)  It wasn't long before more benefits came to me.

Lately I've been geeking out over herbs.  I'm seriously considering following the path to become an herbalist.  Plants have always given me much joy, especially plants with medicinal purpose.  I joined Herb Mentor and have been learning lots.  Well, they have pdfs and videos throughout the site.  The videos I put on my Vibrant to watch and the pdfs I put on my Kobo so that when I have breaks at work or when me and the family are driving somewhere I can just get in a little learnin'!  It has been great fun and of course now that I've had my first taste of an ebook reader I totally want more.

I found some "free" ebooks online but ran into the problem that amateurs who are converting these books from whatever format to epub aren't doing so gracefully.  There are errors.  What this means to me is as soon as I put them on my Kobo's SD card the whole thing promptly stops working.  I guess that's my fault for trying to get something for nothing (which is funny considering this whole post is about me getting a Kobo for nothing and wanting a Nook Color for nothing).  Why do I need to get something for nothing when there are libraries that loan out ebooks?  Well, because for some reason or another Adobe Digital Editions keeps messing up and I can't get any of the books I've been trying to get through Washington's Anytime Library**.  Not happy :(  So, on the subject of dud ebooks, I found this epub checker.  It has saved me a lot of headache in putting epub files on my reader only to have them cause said reader to cease function.

I ran across the Nook Color.  So, I can read my books on a that beautiful large screen AND play Angry Birds ;)  Uh, awesome!  Plus, people have been talking about how you can hack it and make it a tablet.  Ok, I've had some bad luck in the hacking world which is why my Google notebook still only runs Chrome OS and my Vibrant has not been rooted.  My G1 phone was my experiment failure but part of me thinks it is just due to the fact it was pretty outdated by the time I tried to hack it.  Plus, as much geek love as I have I am not the most skillful in hacking so I run to the ex to see if he wants to toy with my hacking dramas (he still has possession of my more or less useless G1).  Anyway.  I would *love* to own the Nook Color but hesitate to put out the $ for it.  I should probably pay my phone bill first ;)  So for now, I'm going to search the internets for contests to win one.  Most I have found so far are outdated.  Lame.  Keep on truckin', right?

**Finally got Adobe Digital Editions to work!  Transferred a Neil Gaiman book and a Barbara Kingsolver book over to my Kobo :D

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