Friday, April 22, 2011

Have I really not posted?

My house is taking over. Our August loss hit me hard but I got good and numb and kept on truckin'. But the December loss, in light of the August loss hit me like a ginormous ton of bricks. About 6+ months of depression. Severe depression. Not getting out of bed depression.

I feel I've really pushed past it and the weather seems to be mirroring my state of mind. I'm getting back to normal both physically (cycles are returning) and emotionally. The sun helps. I'm trying to get out of the house more. I've been going on more bike rides. Mmmmmm bike rides :D

Okay, so I am not even 5' tall. I am 4'10.75". Yes the 3/4 of an inch matters. To me. I found my bike at a Goodwill up in Shoreline. It is a Electra Hawaii. It has 20" wheels and is made for a child.   I just know that kids tend to outgrow me between the ages of 9 and 13. So somewhere in that age range, I suppose.  I have no problems being short.  It is just challenging in the world of bikes.  Finding a bike that doesn't cost an arm and a leg that is a cruiser or comfort bike (I want to sit upright, not like on a mountain bike) with gears and hand breaks is next to impossible for someone my height.  This bike was a good compromise for now.  The day will come. K2 supposedly makes a bike I want but I can't find anywhere I can actually BUY it (I want THIS bike).  They're supposed to go down as small as 5'0", which  in my book is close enough.
<--- Dream Bike

Anyhow, bike riding is my joy, despite the sore butt I have.  It's been awesome.  Tomorrow I'm going to go to the farmer's market and I'm thinking I'll get myself in trouble if I take my bike cart.  I can only keep so much in my basket on the front. ;)  It's supposed to be 66 degrees.  I am so THERE.