Thursday, March 10, 2011


Vibrant #4 has been received AND upgraded!

The key seems to be the operating system.  Nowhere in the "official" documentation did it say running Windows 7 would be any problem.  It wasn't until I fully bricked my phone did I see all the stuff saying you'd probably brick your phone if you used Windows 7 to upgrade if you could get Samsung Kies Mini to even see your phone at all.  Uh, yeah.  I plan to dig a little deeper next time to find out what to do.

So as far as I gather from this point.  If you have a Samsung Galaxy S series Vibrant you can get the froyo upgrade.  The important thing is to only try to upgrade from Win XP or Vista.  NOT Windows 7.

I installed Samsung Kies Mini on the teeny netbook my uncle gifted to me.  Plugged my phone it.  It was upgraded in less than 10 minutes.  Working beautifully!

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