Wednesday, March 09, 2011

To the Vibrant friends

So I have several friends that within the last month or two have bought the same phone I have, the Samsung Galaxy S series, Vibrant.  So now I'm harassing them occasionally when I have things they HAVE to know.  I will just post what I wrote to share with all the Vibrant owners out there in the ether, in case you didn't know.....

Hello again, fellow Vibrant users.  There is an update that no one is advertising.  In order to do it you have to download Samsung Kies (click HERE for PCs.. don't know about macs).  This is Samsung's program to let your phone talk to the computer and to do special firmware updates that aren't over air updates.  The latest is the Android OS update that I've been long bitching about, froyo (Android OS 2.2).  It is supposed to enhance the awesome hardware our phones have but haven't been properly utilizing yet.  Our phones do have pretty freaking sweet hummingbird processors and copious amounts of onboard memory  *swoon*.  What does this mean to you?  Geek speak aside it will run better.  OOoooOOO!!! It also means you can save programs to your micro SD.  Not that you'll ever need to.  I have yet to run out of memory since I got this puppy in September.  Now, Samsung Kies did give the warning that you need to back yo' shit up so download all those pics and vids to your computer (or put em on your micro SD) before starting your update.  Today, my friends, is full of win!


One more thing.. you have to register your phone through Samsung's website first, apparently.  I'm doing my upgrade now... Once I registered I got an email from samsung advertising the upgrade.  It sent me to this page here:


One final word of warning.. apparently you cannot do the upgrade if you are running Windows 7.  Aren't you glad you have me testing this stuff out because it's my phone bricked and not yours (as in a fancy piece of plastic that does nothing but look pretty on your desk).  For the record.  No where did it say that you couldn't do it if you were running Windows 7.  Only after I bricked my phone did I find in an obscure forum how you can't use Samsung Kies to upgrade to froyo because you'll brick your frakking phone.  Not. That. I'm. Bitter.  

So apparently after reading a whole lot of forum nonsense I got this.. People running XP or Vista can download Samsung Kies and plug their phone in and in a matter of minutes it will say "hey, you have an upgrade!"  and it will install beautifully and there will be flowers and rainbows and unicorns.  Meanwhile you get to witness me freaking out. Yay!

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