Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Heart Chrome

Yet another reason I love Chrome....

My computer died.  Maybe I'll tell the whole story later but for now, I won't.  Well, I just reinstalled Chrome.  And there is something super special and amazing.  My computer has a fresh install of Windows 7.  So I had to redownload and install Chrome.  (What, you don't have CHROME?  Well, go download it now!  CLICK HERE).  So I downloaded it.  Went to the handy wrench in the upper right hand corner.  CLICK.  Options.  CLICK.  Personal Stuff.  CLICK.  SYNC!  Yay.  I just entered my name and password and all the settings, bookmarks, passwords and such were imported from my CR-48.  Ah, another reason I love Chrome.

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