Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fertility Flower

I have had such a love/hate mostly hate relationship with temping.  Now it's a LOOOOOVE relationship.  What is temping?  Well for those of you who actually want to create new humans, especially those who don't seem to get knocked up quite as easily as most everyone else, temping is a way to keep track of your fertility.  It can also help those who want to avoid pregnancy.

Temping is where you take your basal body temperature and mark it down on a chart.  It should, if all things are working properly, tell you when you're fertile.  What you do is you wake up every morning at the same time, and before getting out of bed you take your temperature with a special thermometer, called a basal body thermometer.  This is before you talk, take a drink of water, sit up or potty.  You want at least four hours of sleep and you want to take the reading at the same time every day.  You mark it down on your chart.  When your temperature goes up (about 2 weeks before you start your period) it means you have ovulated.  Yay!  It goes more in depth and is pretty amazing (it can show you a LOT of information about your body).

What I do suggest it check out the website I've been using to chart.  http://www.fertilityflower.com  I have used many different sites and honestly, have found Fertility Flower to be the best.  It detected ovulation that other websites missed.  Until recently I had been using multiple sites just to compare results as they varied from site to site.  I have since stopped using other sites.

There are a lot of good little points that Fertility Flower gets over other sites.

  • Clean and tidy - So many sites are cluttered with ads and, well, mostly ads.  Even when you have too many links to other features it can really detract from what a site offers.
  • Accurate - It detected ovulation for me when other sites did not.  How do I know I ovulated?  Well, I got pregnant.  Yeah, it was another one of the miscarriages, but other sites did not even detect the ovulation.  How would I have known to test?
  • Bulk entries - Let's say you forgot to load your temps for several days onto the site.  The Mass Entry feature lets you load 15 days at a time.
  • Mobility - I don't have to use the mass entry feature myself because I use my phone.  I have  Samsung Vibrant (smart phone) and it loads wonderfully on it.  Before I even get out of bed I load Fertility Flower on my phone and enter my temp.  Awesome.
  • Many different features - You can add so many different symptoms, many that are not covered by other sites, but are important.
  • Free is good, paid is better -  A lot of the competitor sites are not worth using if you're using the free function.  But Fertility Flower still gives you a WHOLE lot of features while being a basic, free member.  Why go paid?  Well, there are even MORE including being able to lay multiple charts atop one another to compare multiple cycles.  Dude.  Awesome!  It is very low cost, and affordable.
  • Easy to use - self explanatory.  It is VERY easy to use.
  • Online forum - free forums!
  • Thoughtful messages - When I miscarried in August I entered this in the Fertility Flower site.  Instead of treating it like  a menstrual cycle it walked me through the process all the while reminding me to be kind to myself.  If I didn't have any of the other good stuff to say about the site this one would bring me back.  It's the little things, you know?  In this case, acknowledgement.
  • Great customer service - Quick, personable, friendly customer service.  Definitely worth it.
Today? Cycle Day 7.  So far, so good.

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