Sunday, March 20, 2011

ATandT Buying T-Mobile for $39B To Ramp 4G - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -

ATandT Buying T-Mobile for $39B To Ramp 4G - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -

What does this mean for me?

Okay... So, Brett and I had Sprint. We cancelled when we moved to Barrow, AK. When we came back we got Nextel because the hubs liked the little walkie-talkie feature. I learned quickly that while I love my husband, a feature like this enables him to get a hold of me FAR to easily and if it's on speaker it also means he'll say inappropriate shit when I'm around other people. I love him, but he's ornery. So when our contract was up we parted our cellular ways. Brett went with Verizon purely because of it's coverage. I went with T-Mobile because of it's cost. I figured it this way. If I was out of range, most of the time I was with Brett so what did it matter? Anyway. The cost of us having separate plans was still about what we paid together at Nextel (expensive for the puny amount of minutes we had). This has worked for us so far but things are changing.

Verizon seems to really be making an effort to lower costs to keep customers like me, who talk a lot. Now the prices seem closer to comparable to T-Mobile's. I've been thinking about having Brett add us (me and the boy) to his plan. It should, theoretically, be cheaper. My contract is up in May but I still owe a lot on my Vibrant. When I got my phone T-Mobile was doing what it could to ditch contracts and encourage people to buy phones. The plan I'm on is cheaper than people who have the ability to do upgrades. My plan is different. I don't get a new contract and I have to buy my phone outright. But they offer an interest free loan to pay the phone off. The cost of the loan with my phone bill is still cheaper than what other people who can upgrade for an extended contract would have. So.. I'm thinking if I want out I'll have to pay off my phone early. No fun.

Here's where the buy out comes in. If AT&T and T-Mobile, both being carriers with GSM technology are joining forces, wouldn't that mean I'd get cheap costs AND better coverage? I wonder if it would be something I could convince Brett to switch over for. Would it be worth it?

Hmmm.... Pondering.

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