Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Steps

I've started a list. Those of you who know me well know I have a weird fear of lists. It's a long story. Well, instead of a list of stuff "to do" I've started a list of what I've accomplished. Anything from big chores to simply getting out of bed before noon. I have long term goals that include exercise every day (bike ride, maybe?), getting up at 8am and of silly enough, getting dressed every day.

I've really tried to distract myself today by getting stuff done but wasn't nearly as productive today as I was yesterday. Tomorrow, I want to get out of bed before 11 (don't laugh, I often don't want to get out of bed at all during the day) and get dressed. I want to clean the pantry and the kitchen. If I don't do any of them, I will forgive myself. But I want to get them done. I sincerely do.

I don't know why I decided suddenly to blog. I think it has more to do with the fact I have a whole lot of dark emotions going on in me right now. I need to get it out. I type MUCH faster than I write. I don't want to direct people here but it is out there in the ether. I'm not looking for sympathy. Just an outlet. A way of sharing but not seeking attention.

Anyway. Another day gone by. Tomorrow is yet another day. Time to keep on keepin' on. For the record..... I'm still in my jammies ;)

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