Friday, December 24, 2010

4 weeks, 6 days

Okay, starting to use my blog again because I have been post crazy over on FB.  I'm newly pregnant with this little baby I think has been waiting for a couple of years now.

Today I'm going to get my progesterone checked.  I have a history of early miscarriage and with my temperature charts low progesterone is suggested.  I feel pretty awesome but better safe than sorry.

I'm sure August 27th.  So that means either Virgo or Leo.  Not sure which one I prefer.  Virgo may end up easier (nice, mutable as opposed to fixed).  But who's to say it's not meant to be that I have a child who isn't so pliable as my firstborn.  Marshie is a Gemini.  He's a delight.  As a baby he was easily redirected.  Even though he was an emotional, sometimes difficult (always busy) baby, he was such a ray of sunshine that attracted so many people.  He has been a blessing.

We're ready for that next blessing.  This is a whole new chapter.  I'm doing my best to make this different.  It's time to assume the best.  All my symptoms are strong.  The day I found out was very auspicious.  It was the same day as the eclipse, it was solstice, and it was the day of a very powerful meditation.  It really feels like this is the time and it was meant to be.

Also, perfect timing, I got to spend my unknowingly early pregnancy assisting a dear friend in her delivery (but trust me, she did all the work!).  And now I'll still be a couple months away from delivering when I help my friend, Tamera with her birth.

I'm feeling very much like it's a girl (would be surprised if babe came out with a penis).  Do I care one way or the other?  Not really.  I mean I did already have a boy and did all the boy clothes stuff and would love to sew and knit lots of girly stuff.  But do I "care"?  No.  I just am aiming for major organ function.

Such awesome timing.  I'm already in love with my little sea monkey (kinda what he/she looks like right now).

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